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Mark turned to Miriam and asked, “How soon can you start?”

“As soon as possible,” Miriam replied.

Temping at Cohen & Marshall, LLP was the best thing to happen to Miriam Yung in a while. Brokenhearted after her boyfriend dumped her, she welcomed the opportunity to work at one of New York’s premier certified public accounting firms. Deep down, however, she was unhappy in her field. Nevertheless, spending tax season with Mark Edwards, the handsome senior tax manager, was a huge incentive.

Mark knew that hiring Miriam was a bad idea. She was as adorable as the day he first spotted her in the crowd along Fifth Avenue. She hadn’t begun her assignment yet, and already, she made him feel lightheaded. He had enough on his plate with managing his team, keeping his boss happy, and guarding his heart. He had to keep a distance between them.

But the antics of a disagreeable colleague throw Mark and Miriam together. They learn about each other’s past, discover each other’s hidden talents, and learn that life has a way of working things out.